Month: January 2019

Strawberry Bourbon Balsamic Cocktail

A delicious cocktail or cocktail if you leave the bourbon out, this is a great way to use up those few extra strawberries you have laying around. It may be a little more involved than our usual #ThirstyThursday recipe but if you’re willing to put in the effort this refreshment […]


Pumpkin Spice BV Candied Pecans

The pecans pictured above are so amazingly sweet, warm and welcoming. Abingdon Olive Oil Company has a wide variety of balsamic that make amazing reductions but we had never thought to use them to candy nuts until now! Pumpkin Spice BV is useful for more than just your typical fall […]


Happy Hearts Kitchen Tabouleh

You say Tabbouleh we say Tabouli, whichever translation you choose this vegetarian salad is a hit with mediterranean food lovers. The Abingdon Olive Oil Company’s Wild Fernleaf Dill Infused OO  brings that fresh dill flavor to enhance this easy and heart healthy salad. Serve with your favorite vegetarianmain dish to celebrate […]


EZPZ Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

EZPZ Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms So simple yet so tasty these pizza stuffed mushrooms are an EZPZ way to feed you and your guests for a power party! Little ones love that it’s pizza and you’ll love that it’s a low carb option to help keep everyone Happy Heart Healthy. Definitely […]


Momma Saint’s Simple Pancakes

Most folks have the ingredients for these simple and nutritious pancakes so it is a great breakfast staple recipe. Use your favorite fruity balsamic over the top to replace maple syrup with a product that only has 3g of sugar per tablespoon.  


Olive Oil Skincare Company

We love telling customers at the Abingdon Olive Oil Company how amazing a good EVOO can be for your skin! We carry  some of the most helpful products for everyday skin care that smell amazing and use EVOO from the Delizia family oils! Did You Know? The Olive Oil Skincare […]