Mini Hassleback Potatoes

Any potatoes work for this recipe, but the smaller bite-sized ones are easier to eat. Yukon Gold are also very nice and will create a crispy tater. Using the Abingdon Olive Oil Company’s Garlic Fused OO combined with delicious panko bread crumbs and a fun slicing technique you can take […]


EZPZ Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry, thou art the perfect sweet-tart ingredient to a rich meal~ This Cranberry relish (or sauce if you put in the extra time) is perfect for dipping the St.Louis Turkey in a Bag right into. Give each guest their own ramekin of this super sauce or serve from a gravy […]


ST. Louis Thanksgiving Turkey in a Bag! EZPZ

As the Happy Hearts Kitchen has presented on our WJHL Daytime Tri-Cities  the St.Louis turkey in a bag recipe is one of the best ways to keep your turkey moist as well as add TONS of flavor from the delicious herbs and spices! Using the Abingdon Olive Oil Company’s Mushroom […]